4 Tips Safe internet environment

4 Tips Safe internet environment

In the Era of technology, one can easily can be webbed or trapped online by some online wrong doers. Here are some tips to use online safely.

  1. Never share your very necessary personal information such as Social media passwords, email ID and Passwords online openly and privately with anyone, whether he/she is known or unknown, even not to a trust able ones.Not even in a trapped situation. If there genuine urgency occurs, then, if possible, Open a new account or change the password soon.Write it down to a place where none but you only find the information
  2. Never share your financial related details with anyone, if you feel something wrong regarding such issues, first inform it to law enforcement agencies.
  3. People often forgets security issues while posting their very personal moments online. But, one needs to be cautious while posting and if someone tries to blackmail or tarnish your identity or harm yourself by anyhow, take the help of the law enforcement agencies and cyber-crime investigation unit of the country.
  4. Keep checking up your internet connection, once a year to stay updated whether your internet is being safe or not if requires take the help of the experts and providers .

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